Registration is OPEN!

We’re happy to announce that registration for the 2014 Beast of the East is available starting now!


New Venue for 2014: After seeing last year’s location literally blown away by a freak tornado, this year’s bigger, badder Beast will be free of weather worries at the XL Center in Hartford.

ezEvent-logoWe’ve got a special after party sponsored by ezEvent, to be held at CrossFit Relentless in West Hartford (minutes from the XL Center). After party admission is included for every athlete, and spectators can come join in the fun for a modest $20. See the registration link above to purchase tickets.


Thanks to our sponsors!

As always, The Beast of the East simply couldn’t happen without the generous support of all of our sponsors.  Please make sure to check them out:

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Captain of the winning team for the 2013 Beast of the East, Ian Berger

Top 10 CrossFit Regional competitor and two time Team Beast of the East team captain, Ian Berger. Together with his returning team mate Brendan Marolda and two new female teamates ,his team ( Team Nutriforce) took 1st place in 2013 at the BOE.

“Going into this years Beast of the East I didn’t know what to expect. The original venue was destroyed by a tornado and left a lot to question. This years Beast was a different experience but everything to be expected from great athletes, fun workouts, and an awesome time. The Beast captures the essence of the sport by bringing together so many amazing people from all over the U.S for the weekend and countless displays of camaraderie.”

“I was a little nervous going in as the defending team champ, because I knew the level of competition was high and nothing was guaranteed. I had a different set of girls with me this year Meg O from Shoreline and Liz Adams from reebok 5th ave who both are badasses. At first glance the workouts didn’t seem to terrible but as we all know it’s the ones that appear harmless that tend to be the worse. I also was humbled by how strong some of my peers are. 405+ backsquats for 8 reps is ridiculous and thrusters with a fat bar that made the 2011 weight look childish. The final workout was crazy, but we all love that type of hurting once in a while so I thank you for that brutality. Overall I enjoy the Beast because it’s become a staple in the northeast and now world for top level competitors. I’m sure that the Beast of theEast will only get bigger and better and can’t wait to defend our title again.”

Ian Berger


Meet Mathew Fraser

From the age of 12, I was involved in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.  I always played other sports recreationally, but weightlifting was what I was passionate about. The day I graduated high school, I moved to Colorado Spring to live and train at the Olympic Training Center. I was there two years before I broke my L5 in two places and realized that my weightlifting career could end and needed something to fall back on. I then moved to the Olympic Education Center to train and focus on school. During this time, when I would come home on school breaks, I looked up a CrossFit gym in the area to see if I could use their bumpers and do some Olympic lifts. That’s how I met Jade Jenny and Champlain Valley Crossfit. They opened their doors for me and let me lift whenever I needed to.

My first time in his gym, I thought it was chaos. The music was loud and I was the only person doing singles on the lifts, sitting down between sets, and taking more than 30 seconds rest.  I thought all these CrossFit people were crazy, and had no intensions of becoming a CrossFitter myself.  After I moved back to Vermont, I started lifting at CVCF more regularly and slowly got convinced to do a wod once in a while.  Before I knew it, I wasn’t focusing on the Olympic lifts anymore, but doing more metcons.

My first competition was a one-day event at CVCF. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was a whole different world from a weightlifting meet, and I loved it. I placed first in the competition, bought myself a pair of nanos with the prize money, and started training to be a crossfitter and not just a weightlifter that did crossfit.

I had a great time competing at the Beast of the East.  It was some intense competition with the first few places never having more than a few points difference.   I loved the workouts, nice and heavy. And with so many freakishly strong guys there, it really forced you to push yourself.  The final wod was what I expected, something that was going to be painful and push you until you dropped. Thank you for putting on such a great meet and having the coolest trophies I have ever seen.( Thanks Odin Strength Equipment for the trophies!)


Can’t wait to see you again next year at the Beast 2014!