Announcing your 2014 Beast of the East Champions!

Women, Rx Division

  1. Anna Tunnicliffe
  2. Katie Hogan
  3. Stephanie Perez
Men, Rx Division

  1. Kyle Tiringer
  2. Zachary Moran
  3. Chris Killian

  1. FitAid
  2. Ocean State CrossFit
  3. CrossFit Portchester
Women, Scaled Division

  1. Krista Hoffman
  2. Rachel Amey
  3. Mary Winan
Men, Scaled Division

  1. Tom Vazquez
  2. Jonathan Singh
  3. Matthew Scapin

Complete Scores are available here


Sunday Heat Assignments

Sunday Heat Assignments are here

Please note that all athletes have been assigned new heats. (see link above)

Sunday’s competition kicks off with the same timing as Saturday: doors open at 8:00 and the first workout begins with the Scaled athletes promptly at 8:30.

“Upside Down Karen” leads off the day, followed by feats of Turkish Get-Up strength, and the day concludes after a cut, when the top-ranked athletes will head into the Finals, details of which won’t be announced until tomorrow!

After the finals, don’t forget the EzEvent After Party, at CrossFit Relentless.

And again, thanks for supporting our fantastic sponsors – they make the Beast possible!

Day 1 is a wrap!

Thanks all for a successful day 1 of competition. Scores and standings are up to date on the links below.

All athletes will be receive new heat assignments. New heats will be posted later this evening.

Stay tuned!